Thursday, October 17, 2013

No Crisis-Turned-Opportunity: This Time Let Us Make Sure the Funds Go to Intended Beneficiaries -The Quake Victims

Amid complaints on the government’s languid response to the disaster that the 7.2-magnitude quake brought to Visayas provinces of Bohol and Cebu, the Palace assures “help is on the way.”
Calamity funds are being released, but as we recently learned, calamities are a crisis turned to opportunities by unscrupulous public officials who are given power of control over such funds. This time, while we goad the government to, and root for, the release of funds, the public must be vigilant that they go to intended beneficiaries.
Let us not allow the victims of this “act of God” that is the earthquake catastrophe be victimized twice by the greater man-made calamity of corruption.
DepEd has announced it is mobilizing its contingency fund and releasing some Three Hundred Million Pesos (P300,000,000.00) to farm out the works and repairs necessary to expedite reopening of school classrooms. Let us watch those zeroes in the amount, and make sure they all go to rebuilding the decimated and damaged classrooms and amenities.
One way to lessen the trauma for the victims, especially the children, is to reopen the schools for them as quickly as possible, and comfort them with the sense of normalcy it projects.

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