Monday, September 2, 2013

PDAF, CLF, CIA: Whatever Name You Call It By, It is Taxpayers’ Money Plundered

Lawmakers are becoming so lame in their efforts to put a spin in their involvement in the misuse of public funds. Can you imagine some of them go as desperate as to attempt to excuse themselves from wrongdoing by postulating that it was not all PDAF they spent, but in combination with Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), and Congressional Initiative Allowance (CIA)? How can these knuckleheads think it makes them less guilty?

No matter what you call it, it is taxpayers’ money plundered, and that is what the people are demanding accountability for. For sure, the traditional politicians in Congress (almost all of them) have come up with abundant assortment of labels for funds they can dip their hands on, if only to convolute and muddle their trail.

Detention Facility Snafu

It seems like smarts are becoming increasingly rare in our officials these days. What was Mar Roxas Thinking? Why does he have to concede to a request that accused Napoles be given an air-conditioned detention cell? Against the avalanche of public outrage over the scandal in which Napoles plays a central role (although she’s being detained for a different case), it is easy to anticipate a tsunami of malignant reaction. The question in every Juan’s mind is, “why is she being accorded special treatment, when she’s accused of pocketing P10B in taxpayer’s money?” What’s the deal?

It’s understandable that we are interested in her safety and security, considering the amount of information she could bring to light concerning the personalities, more so as they count the clouted and powerful Lawmakers, involved in this elaborate scheme of theft of public funds.

She should be provided with round-the-clock security to make sure they’re not outplayed and infiltrated by operatives of those who stand to suffer from her anticipated testimony. Truly, her life is in danger. She’s playing cat and mouse with her assassins, with her hope hanging largely on the integrity of government protection facility -although how many times has this been compromised for the right price?

Notwithstanding, though, there is no need to pamper her with air-conditioned detention cell. She must be allowed to sweat and stink it out in an ordinary cell. She must endure everything, except that which pertain to her security, that every other detainee does: insect bites and all. Why, she’s not even a public officer to be accorded residual respect, that which was extended to Erap and now to GMA, although equally assailed by the public?

Regardless of the truth, a doubt has been cast on the mind of the public as to how fair and neutral the administration is going to play its role in this saga. Unwittingly, Mar et al. has stirred in people’s mind what relation He and Pnoy have with Napoles as to risk public rebuke for such insensitive “playing favorite”attitude towards one who is touted to have robbed the Filipino people of funds that could have been used to better their circumstances.

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