Thursday, August 29, 2013

Napoles Surrenders to Pnoy

Sensing that her world had quickly shrunk with Ten Million Pesos (P10M) bounty on her head, Napoles decides it’s game over for hiding, and time to face the music. That was the smartest thing she had done since the pork barrel scandal broke out. In fact, she might have just given up right in the nick of time.
I surmise that when Pnoy put a price tag of P10M on her head, her Subjects in her red book, would have run their own “Get Napoles to Me” campaign for P15M or more. An hour late in her decision would have spelled the difference.

Now, the public is happy she is in custody, safe, at least for now. Why? She has her back against the wall. Her only chance at life is to bare it all. If she sticks to her “I did nothing wrong” tune she will be left by herself in a cell where she could be penetrated and assassinated. If she is made, and if she agrees to be, a state witness, she will be placed under the Witness Protection Program, and her chance of surviving this will become fairer.
Already speculations of all sorts as to what happens to her have flooded the internet. She’ll finally spill the beans on this elaborate 10-year scam; Administration will strike a deal with her to spare the administration porky personalities in exchange for leniency on her; She will be made State witness in exchange for immunity from prosecution?

The administration should deal with this carefully. It could find itself walking on thin ice, if it hasn’t already. The public will not be as forgiving as to allow Napoles immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony. After all, the government is not facing a blank wall in its investigation. There are Benhur Luy and company; ten of them now who corroborate one another on many points of their individual testimony to Napoles’ scheme of siphoning pork barrel funds in collusion with Lawmakers.
First, she must be stripped, wringed, and dispossessed of all properties she stole from public coffers. All of it. She should be brought to justice and accorded due process like other accused. If she offers testimony, take it without offering anything in exchange. She only has her soul to save for so doing. That should be enough motivation for her.

If she’s offered any leniency by the State, believe me every outcome will be seen as impartial: opposition lawmakers will lace her testimony and a few if any from the administration counterparts. Then we’re robbed of the truth again.
I say let justice take its course. Let her hire her defense. With all the money she stole, I am sure she could get more than what she needs.

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