Sunday, August 25, 2013

Million People March

I am Reggie, I am a lawyer and an ordinary worker. I work long and crazy hours every day, including Sundays, to provide for my family. Believe me, the most that I can say I have achieved is bring food to the table. I know many are in direr circumstances than I am, and I feel strongly for them. But whether one makes one hundred or one hundred thousand, we all aspire to one goal: A fair chance at success in life. I could have brought more to the family: a bit more comfort, better school for my children, more vacations, if only I did not have to give up some 30% of what I toil and sweat for, lose sleep over, and get sick doing, in taxes to pay the price for the so-called civilized society.
I say private citizens who sacrifice so much in taxes would be happy if they knew that the money is used to better the circumstances of the weaker brethren among us, those who did not have the privilege of sufficient education regardless of underlying circumstances: all those against whom the playing field is grossly tilted, if only we could say we are bringing the playing field to level down one step at a time so that it is in their children’s time.
Sadly, the truth is far uglier. While ordinary taxpayers forgo a good part of their needs and some more for taxes, the leaders who call themselves servants spend taxpayers’ money obscenely.
While we struggle to bring food to the table, they dine in fancy restaurants. While we settle for divisoria garments, they lavish themselves with signature clothing. While we hardly keep up with rent, they are ensconced in million-dollar flats here and abroad.
We have been fooled, we have been blindsided, we have been hoodwinked, but no more.
No more to government shenanigans!
I have lost faith in the government and the incorrigibly corrupt people who run it. I have decided to take upon myself the task of determining my own fate, and I exhort you to do the same. It starts with retaking my country back from the thieves who mask themselves as servants.
Today we take to the streets to demand accountability, destroy the evils of corruption, and restore humanity.
I am Reggie, and I am ready!

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