Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lawmakers' Calls to Abolish Pork Barrel: a Red Herring.

You listen to Lawmakers voice their consensus to the abolition of the reviled Pork Barrel, and you hear almost a teeny little voice that wished it did not have to come out. It’s hokey! I say deep inside, here’s what they say “Fuck whoever that idiot who blew this up!”
The truth is they’re losing hair and sanity over this debacle they don’t know who to freakin’ lay blame on. If Napoles is to blame for real, or if they decide that Napoles’ carelessness led to all these, I won’t be surprised if she and her brother will never be found. We’re talking of hundreds of fuming powers-that-be, thrown into this deep hole they find very difficult to climb out of and are forced to face humiliating public investigation over the scandal which could permanently destroy their political future, who might be interested in silencing the two for good.
Now the two must be confused over who they’re supposed to run away from: The NBI or the erstwhile friends who now are being scalded in hot water, and raring to end them?

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