Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Payday, I Have Been Robbed Again!

It’s payday. All has got plans: Shop, dine, movies, club, chug-a-lug, or whatever suits one for relaxation.  For others, it’s the bills, the tuition, the car or housing loan amortization, the medical needs of the sick and the elderly at home.
Then you innocently peek at your payslip and are drawn to an item that destroys the joy over your gross pay: taxes.  And all hell breaks loose once again. Instantly, you are thrown back to a state of fury. All of a sudden, Napoles and the thieves in Congress and the Executive crowd your agitated mind.
You’re mad as hell that you can hardly keep up with your bills, you make do with basic needs to make sure you are able to buy medicine for yourself and loved ones, you public-commute because you can’t take out a loan on that car you had in mind, NOT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T, but because the rogue and the dishonorable bloodsuckers had to fleece you of their loot first before you’re allowed to live out on your hard-earned money, or what’s left of it. Every freakin’ time, every freakin’ payday!
I am infuriated! We should harbor no qualms in showing our indignation! It is more than justified!
I wrote the other day that we need not scream for blood. I change my mind. The gloves are off now. These thieves must be sent to the gallows, or fed to their own kind, the crocodiles.
How dare they splurge on obscene luxury out of our taxes while we’re forced to scrimp on our needs after breaking our backs working to build those taxes?
We obliged in paying our share to fund this government, this society, this country. The government should make sure that our sacrifices are not for naught.
But they failed us. For the nth time!
Let us keep the spirit of Million People March alive and burning! Let us make it a movement to see through the judgment on all these corruptions that have been heaped and perpetrated upon us.
These have to end, and we should start getting back what is rightly ours out of what we contribute.
Trouble in the Middle

I am calling particularly on the Middle Class. We have long suffered from the neglect of the government.
While the rich, who are mostly in business, are taxed less as they have deductible expenses facility under our system that they use to mitigate taxes (other rich people downright play under the table with corrupt Revenue officials –paying only as less as a third to a half of their tax due); and
the poor, so-called, (many have used this politically correct nonsense as a scheme [heard of professional squatters?] to feed on their ulterior motives and advance their inordinate interest, fact is many of “ poor” are much better off than most of the middle class) pay no taxes, gets Pantawid Pamilya blah blah, gets free relocation houses and cash just to agree to be relocated, and all sorts of subsidies that I and many don’t agree to as they, in fact, far from helping them which is the effect sought, push them only to be reliant and dependent on the government instead of being self-determining productive individuals. It promotes a culture of beggary and mendicancy.
And we’re not even a socialist country. But that’s a topic for another post altogether.
We, the middle class laborers, (apt no matter what naysayers say), have no power to mitigate our taxes: they are withheld against a flawed deduction (uniform) system: how can a married individual with five children spend the same amount on necessities as a single individual (strangely both are allowed a fixed amount of personal deduction of 50k)? But again, it’s another topic for another post.
We’re not picking a fight with our less able brothers and sisters who struggle to better their circumstances. As I mentioned in the previous post, we are happy if tax money were used to better their chances at success.
I will make this point, nonetheless, we subsidize the rich and the poor, and in the process egregiously dilute our earnings. A tax well-managed would have been a fulfilling consolation, but hell it is stolen!
To allow the hooligans in government to plunder the tax money we toil building is too much to bear. It robs me of self-worth. It destroys my self-respect. And that I will not degenerate into allowing this.
Let us flex our middle class muscle and demand they wise up or face unthinkable punishment.

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