Thursday, August 22, 2013

Incorrigibly Corrupt!

How many times has corruption been brought to the spotlight? Countless. How many times has it died a slow and natural death? Every time!
Crooks have learned how to overshadow events of corruption with other public-sensitive events like heinous crimes: massacres, bombing and other acts of terrorism, murders, etc. Once staged, public outrage is diverted. They have mastered this diversionary tactic.
Already, news of diversionary plans mentioned above, have leaked, and the public must meet them with caution. Take heed! Better be safe than sorry. Truly, personalities who are involved in the Pork Barrel scandal have their backs against the wall. Desperate moments call for desperate measures!
On the other side of the coin is public unrest, which finds the Philippines, once again, standing on a powder keg that could explode anytime. Which one eventually materializes or comes first, remains to be seen. Neither would be a palatable event for the country, but one may be necessary, regardless of danger.
Unprecedented by magnitude!

There’s no doubt in my mind that the current corruption scandal concerning Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), more popularly and derisively called Pork Barrel, is the biggest so far in terms of both amount and number of politicians (lawmakers mostly) and executive officials involved. By any standard, this is unprecedented. Remember we are talking not only about the Napoles scam (PDAF allegedly funnelled to Janet Lim-Napoles’ bogus NGOs), but PDAF misuse during the time of GMA, which doubled the amount at over 23B or so.
Why did I always suspect that after all the stones had been turned we’ll find Arroyo’s hands? Now, as we turn each page of what is becoming the most debased and defiled chapter of post-martial rule Philippine politics, we continue to see more and more of political names who until exposed had kept mum, pensive, and even deploring of the issue. Names we thought hardly would be involved.
If God intervenes and purge our politics of moral misfits, He would also have to call snap elections on all posts.
Lame Revolutions, Lame Results
We have had a few EDSA Revolutions (so-called), but none seemed to have left lasting effects. Every administration that followed showed off, and eventually snapped back to its disgraceful norm. All these People Power events, touted around the world as Filipino’s unique version of revolt, had one thing in common: they were peaceful and bloodless. They brought the same result: FAILURE.
Anything of the same kind, or its derivative is doomed for failure. Ever wonder why Egypt after ousting Mubarak in an EDSA-inspired Arab Spring to this time continues to wage, with dying vigor, their Arab (weakening) Spring revolution after Mohamed Morsi, who was installed through what was heralded as first Democratic elections in decades, was dismissed and sent packing by the Military responding to public clamor for his ouster on accusations of installing laws that are pro-Muslim (he is a Muslim for Christ’s sakes)?
Revolution, in its political concept, which means the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed (, to leave a mark in the Subjects’ (actual and potential) minds must be resolute and uncompromising in its purpose: to NOT only supplant a new government, but more importantly, to bring to justice those who are responsible, those who have blood on their hands, those who have brought pain and suffering upon the people.
That is to ensure that future Subjects would not venture into the same sins that called forth the revolution, lest they meet the same fate
Anything less is just an escape. It is just like complaining about a problem without offering real solutions.
Another Revolution?

Given the magnitude of the scandal, the Filipino is being called upon again to take to the streets, not by some partisan maneuvers, but spontaneously by their own indignation, anger, outrage, and betrayed passion.
Will history repeat itself? It may, but when it does I hope it adds the missing ingredients that failed the ones that came before it: The Filipino should not be lame revolutionists, let us be resolute. Let the axe fall where it may!
Robbed Before Hit by Typhoon Maring
In the wake of typhoon Maring, thousands of farmers (and family), devastated, with their projected harvest wiped out, go hungry as I write, and look to a bleaker future. But before that, they have already been robbed of some Php40,000.00 that could have gone to each farmer’s farmland and ushered in bounty harvest if only the Malampaya Fund amounting to Nine Hundred Million Pesos (Php900,000.00) released for the purpose found its way to their rightful beneficiaries, according to reports.
That’s like snatching food on the table inside a farmer’s home while they pray with eyes closed! Where did it go?! Damn! They are our servants! Isn’t that what they pitched to you when they wooed you for your vote? Now you see their true color.
That’s how painful it is, not only for the farmers, but for all who sacrifice some of their needs to contribute in taxes, withheld and without the courtesy of being asked, like myself, to pay the price for the so-called civilized society.
Now, the truth rears its ugliest head. What civilized society when the leaders, styling themselves as servants (the gall!), who legislate these laws, including the General Appropriations Act –the law providing for the government budget, and yes you’re right, where these Pork Barrel (of swill) on which the Pigs (you know who they are) feed, come from– are (almost all of them) now caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Red-handed! In flagrante delicto.
And as always, like in the past, when exposed and in their efforts to save face, they all instantly portray themselves immaculate by calling for the abolition of the Pork Barrel. Ah, what with actors and actresses in Congress!
Regardless of where the Pork issue ends up, those responsible must be pursued with the full force of the law. If found guilty, he/she must be sent to jail. If the president exercises his power of Pardon, then Juan must go for the president with similar swift action, in real revolution. It is time we learned the lessons of history.
Successful Revolutions are Painted in Blood
Many successful revolutions known the world over that graced the annals of history had been laced with blood, fueled by violent passion, and punctuated by exaction of deaths on the ousted oppressors, as their hallmark. Targeted Carnage seemed to be the operative catapult to effective revolution.
Should we call for the same? We have tried to avoid them, but so far we have not achieved the same results.
Okay we’re not screaming for blood. But scolding these pachyderm politicians just doesn’t cut it. Shame them and their families, jail all of them who may be found in conspiracy with the sitting clan member/s. They must feel the teeth and claws of the law cutting into their flesh. No more Mr. Nice Juan!
Better yet, let’s restore the death penalty to apply only to public officials who commit crimes of graft and corruption, or plunder. There's a philosophy where I come from which favors pardon for a murderer, but demands death for the thief.
And no lethal injection, electric chair, or firing squad, those are too civil for these suckers. Let’s go old-fashioned like impalement, disembowelment, breaking wheel, flaying or skinning alive, or death by boiling. A little costly, more hassle, or messy, but sure sends a loud message.

Disclaimer: I know a good number of public servants who serve with integrity and dedication. They are not the subject of this Blog.

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