Saturday, May 4, 2013

What This Law Blog Aims To Achieve

It is amazing how times have changed. Ten to twenty years ago, only a few had a sense of what the internet could do. During those times legal services were most exclusive to, and restrictive in favor of, a relatively small number of people: mostly those who could afford to burn some cash for it. Incidentally, that was the same time the haves grew their wealth fastest, in some instances, at the expense of the have-nots. If you can litigate, you can win.
Fast forward to the present. Law and everything else are on the net. Everything that requires information has become a lot more accessible to all, rather than the traditional few. Google, for example, has revolutionized how we utilize information online, and it is rewarded handsomely in its share value today.
While paid legal services, unlike goods and pretty much every other service, continue to be prohibited online, owing to the puristic ideals by which traditional hard core legal conformists regard law practice (you can’t advertise legal practice: it is not business it is profession), free legal advice has become a matter of social connection.
While it’s true that lawyers charge relatively hefty amount (understandably because one has to endure nine years of college torture before he could take a crack at the Bar and, only if lucky enough, start clawing himself (never a walk in the park for beginning lawyers) in drudgery to recouping his investment earning a living–you’ll get chastised using the line), many are earnestly willing to provide free legal advice, at times leading to pro bono court representations.
With tons of articles, conversations in forum sites, the Codes and laws themselves, jurisprudence, and opinions, that graciously litter the web, one could get answers to otherwise costly legal questions for free. This bodes well for bridging the gaping divide for legal service access between two groups of people.
I would like to believe this ushers in the likelihood of more peace. When people feel they can be vindicated in law, vendetta slowly vanishes to oblivion.
With that optimism in mind, this law blog seeks to inform the readers on Philippines laws and legal developments, and respond to their legal quandaries.
Warning: This is aimed at both lawyers, law students, and Juan and all. There may be articles or posts, which find purpose only for lawyers and law students. If you chance upon them, you may try to see and appreciate what we endeavor to acquaint ourselves with, sometimes presented in no other way but discombobulated, other times you may actually find them easier to grasp (or so i thought), but at any rate, just have fun. It's like cracking a code.
If you don't find any use for them at all, my apologies, and I encourage you to browse through other posts that may respond to your query.

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